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Approximately 5" wide, 5" high and can mitigate EMF's in a room, Fair-Trade
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Whether you're looking for a night light for your child or the perfect complement to your desk at work, this amber Himalayan salt lamp is a perfect option to illuminate those smaller spaces.

  • Height (approx): 5"
  • Width (approx): 5"
  • Weight (approx): 2" 4 lbs.
  • Includes: Salt lamp on peg feet, 1.8 meter dimmer cord w/ UL certificate, 15 watt bulb and care instructions.

    These petite Himalayan salt lamps rest on small peg feet and showcase the natural form of the Himalayan salt crystal, while casting a soft warm glow. Whether you're looking for a night light for your child or the perfect complement to your desk at work, this amber Himalayan salt lamp is a perfect option to illuminate those smaller spaces.

    Fair trade, handmade Himalayan crystal salt lamps are a beautiful way to enhance your environment and enjoy an aesthetically pleasing soft warm glow in any room of your home or office. Equal parts home decor and wellness tool, this Himalayan salt lamp (made from 250 million-year-old ancient salt crystal) emits an ambient glow and negative ions which naturally recharge the air and reduce allergens.

    So Well imports all of their salt through a long-term direct relationship that creates mutual accountability. Our partners observer fair trade principles including 25% greater than average wages and human rights such as rest breaks, chilled water, protective clothing, safe working environments and medical care. You can be assured that our talented craftsmen are respected and cared for as valuable members of the So Well team. You're doing So Well for others, while enjoying our products.

    Himalayan crystal salt is hygroscopic, meaning that it absorbs moisture. The heat from the bulb keeps the lamps dry and produces the negative ion emission, so try to keep your lamp lit as often as possible. In the alternative, if you're in a particularly humid area, place near an air conditioning vent to help reduce the moisture collected. Keep your lamp on a flat surface that can be easily cleaned, and protected if your environment produces excess moisture in your lamps. When necessary, wipe lamp down gently with a damp cloth.

    Each lamp is one of a kind; colors, tone, shapes and sizes may vary from the pictures. Each lamp comes complete with dimmer cords and light bulbs.

    Negative Ions

    You hear a lot about the benefits of - negative ions when it comes to salt lamps, but you may be asking yourself what negative ions are, and how these lamps work to release them.

    Negative ions are odorless, tasteless, and invisible molecules that we inhale in abundance in certain environments. Think mountains, waterfalls, and beaches. Once they reach our bloodstream, negative ions are believed to produce biochemical reactions that increase levels of the mood chemical serotonin, helping to alleviate depression, relieve stress, and boost our daytime energy. But that's not all. Not only do negative ions help our mood, they are also natural air purifiers.

    Dr. Albert P. Krueger, a microbiologist and experimental pathologist at the University of California, found that a small quantity of negative ions can kill bacteria and quickly remove them from the air, thereby reducing the chance of infection. So Well Himalayan Salt Lamps are an excellent source of negative ions. If you suffer from asthma, allergies, or immunity problems, our salt lamps can give your entire system a boost. Himalayan salt is even strong enough to reduce mold, fungus, and other bacteria from your air, so that you can breathe - and rest - easy. By creating a balance of ions in the air, they stimulate natural drive and healthy energy.

    Sounds great right? But how exactly is the salt lamp releasing these negative ions? The emission of ions is primarily caused by the alternating actions of the salt's ability to first absorb water, and then evaporate it. When a lamp warms, it attracts water molecules from the air to its surface. Negative ions build up and are then released. Negatively charged ions help cleanse the air because they attach themselves to contaminates and allergens, which are positively charged. The larger particles formed by this interaction then fall to the ground, and out of the air we're breathing. The ions cleanse the air of harmful dust, electro smog, bacteria and other toxins. As a result, the salt crystal lamp improves air quality and your body's health.


    While living in a world of advanced technology may be convenient, it may also be harming us with unhealthy EMFs (electromagnetic fields). So Well Himalayan Salt Lamps can help mitigate these EMFs.

    One of the issues nearly everyone faces today is exposure to EMFs, or electromagnetic fields. Actually, electromagnetic fields are essential to life on earth. An electromagnetic belt surrounds the Earth. Every form of life depends on this electromagnetic field of vibration, known as the Schuman resonance frequency. The Schuman resonance frequency states that the average resonance frequency of this belt - the resonance frequency of the earth - is 7.83 Hz (cycles) per second, which can be measured via EEG in the human brain.

    The EMF of a typical television or computer monitor, however, is approximately 100-160Hz. The consequences of continuously exposing our bodies to these higher electromagnetic fields (EMF pollution) can cause nervousness, insomnia and poor concentration, as well as stress our immune system.

    Crystal salt, in its neutral state, exhibits an exact frequency oscillation value of 8-10 cycles per second. The lit salt lamp therefore, reinforces the earth and our body's natural resonant frequency, which helps combat the more harmful higher EMFs (100-160Hz) from computers, cell phones and other electronic devices.