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Suports muscle relaxation, sleep, and calm with pre- and probiotics.
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Magnesium Gummies are made with bioavailable magnesium which, in studies, was shown to be superior. Made with citrus pectin and no added sugars, a full 4-gummy serving of Dr. Formulated Garden of Life Magnesium Gummies contains less than 1g sugar. Beneficial prebiotics are added which help feed the probiotics—in this case 1 Billion CFU of clinically studied Bacillus subtilis DE111®.

  • 400mg Magnesium (per 4 gummies)

  • With pre and probiotics: 1 Billion CFU Bacillus subtilis DE111®

  • Stress & sleep support

  • Heart support

  • Muscle & bone support

  • Digestive support

  • 1g sugar per 4-gummy serving


 Non-GMO • Kosher • Vegan