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Handmade goat-milk soaps from Illinois with just 6 ingredients!
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Gretta's Goats Grapefruit Goat Soap is a locally crafted artisan farmstead soap that is made with moisturizing goat milk, organic sustainable vegetable and essential oils. The Grapefruit Goat Soap will leave you feeling fresh and clean!

Due to the handmade nature of Gretta's Goat Milk Soaps, size will vary between 3.5 and 4.3 ounces. Great in the shower, or simply for general use!

Ingredients: goat milk, organic vegetable oils, organic grapefruit essential oil, farm fresh goat milk, biodegradable, eco friendly, organic, certified organic olive oil, certified organic coconut oil, certified organic sustainable palm oil, organically managed pasture, Gretta's Goats Farmstead