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100% raw purified un-heated liquified aloe leaf
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Herbal Answers - Pure Aloe Force Liquid - 32 fl. oz. (946mL)

Herbal Answers Pure Aloe Force Liquid is health - pure and simple. This nutritious dietary supplement is purified to fortify your health daily. It is 100% Purified, Unheated, "Live", Raw, Whole Leaf, and Organic Aloe Vera. Unflavored and undiluted, it is liquified whole-leaf Aloe with all its impurities removed while protecting the Sacred Structures of Nature's #1 Healing Aloe Plant. Finally! A truly raw, "live" liquified Aloe that tastes good and is processed to protect and deliver the full promise of Aloe. Closest to Nature processing is best. It protects Aloe's Life-Force-Full structures, maximizing its potency, effectiveness, and its biological activity and availability. It also removes Aloe's usual contra-indications and bitter taste while leaving its naturally occuring constituents including its fragile enzymes and unique, large "growth" polysaccharides (Acetylated Beta-glucomannans).

Suggested Use

Usage will vary and flucuate according to your health needs. Take .5-1oz. or more, 2-5 times a day as needed. (One capful equals 1oz.) Best if ingested in split amounts throughout the day on an empty stomach (but can be used anytime). Take up to 4oz. at any one time for maximum absorption.

Introduce gradually and build to desired daily amounts. May be mixed with any cool drink. Refrigerate after opening.


Natural color and flavor may vary. Refrigerate after opening.